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Hello !

Currently traveling but my mailbox stays open at all time !

Nice to meet you

Léa. Communication and advertising student @ ISCOM Paris // Freelance graphic designer. If you like my work, don't hesitate to send me a message !

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Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Léa Henriot

Current localisation: San Francisco, CA
E-mail : Say hi !
LinkedIn : See my references !


Know more about my past


  • September-January 2017

    creative resident - EVB (San Francisco)

    I'm currently working for this advertising agency in Oakland, California. The culture of innovation and the difference in working methods in the Bay Area make me able to have a better understanding about the world and global tendencies in technology and design. Mostly working on digital projects and building social campaigns at the moment !

  • January-March 2016

    creative intern - Mikmak Studio (Paris)

    During this 3 months internship, I did many digital works such as UI/UX design, motion design and video editing. I learned a lot because this kind of projects was new to me and my tutor let me a great independance to experiment things and bring the best out of it !

  • June-July 2015

    creative intern - Rendez Vous Sur Mars (Paris)

    This was my first experience in an agency and I loved it. I worked with 3 creative directors who really helped me to improve myself and my creative skills. As an intern here, I mostly did print works, such as posters, ads and illustrations !

  • January-February 2015

    graphic designer - SnapEvent (Paris)

    SnapEvent is a young start-up and also my first professional experience in communication. During two months, I worked on many subjects : templates for the new website, mock-ups, print works, community management, and more. It really helped me to know that I wanted to continue in the creation field !


  • 2015

    ISCOM Paris -Third year

    For now three years, I study many sides of communication (marketing strategies, graphic design, social medias, etc) but as a true member of the digital natives, I have a particular interest for digital creation, which is my specialization at school and my main career objective.

  • 2013-2014

    Lycée Jacques Amyot (89) - graduated

    In 2014, I got my A level in economic and social sciences, with politic sciences as a special option. Sociology is a big part of what made me turn to communication, because being creative with a smart social purpose is really what makes me passionated about this.

Skills & Things about me

Social networker


My latest projects



LA DEMESURE  - Mikmak studio project (restaurant logo)

HORIZHOME - School project (start-up logo)

ENDOMORPHINE - Personal project (blog logo)

HAM HAM BIO - School project (fictional logo)

KJM TRANSPORTS - School project (creative award, start-up logo) 

MEMORIZ  - Mikmak studio project (application logo)

IVY  - School project (micro-agency logo)

LG x JON ONE  - Mikmak studio project (event logo)

CIGALES ELECTRONIQUES  - School project (fictional logo)


WEATHER FESTIVAL - Mikmak Studio project (webdesign/UI)

ENDOMORPHINE - Personal blog (UX/UI/All contents)

    MEMORIZ - Mikmak Studio project (appdesign/UI/UX)
Available soon on iOS / Android

UTOPIK DESIGN - Mikmak Studio project (appdesign)

TECSOM - Mikmak Studio project (video edit/motion design)


CHRONOPOST - Rendez-vous-sur-mars project (editorial, layout)

R - School project

PANIC ROOM - Mikmak Studio project (flyer)

DIRECT ENERGIE - Rendez-vous-sur-mars project (illustration / layout)

BADABOUM - Mikmak Studio project (flyer, pass)

ALLIANZ - Rendez-vous-sur-mars project (new year card)

TECSOM - Mikmak Studio project (layout catalogue)


AYO - School project (packaging)

PERSONAL - Personal illustration

UNDEROATCH - School project

MAGAZINE - School project

VERSAILLES (Tv Show) - School project


Get in touch with me


Feel free to add me : @leahnrt


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